Am pregnant, will travel… (Includes tips!)

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6 1/2 months pregnant in 100 degree Nicaraguan temps–and happy as can be!

I have been pregnant three times-and every.single.time. I feared it would be my last time traveling, that my passport would officially start collecting dust and that my frequent flier miles would come to a screeching halt. It sent me into a complete travel panic. Luckily, my fears have been proven unsubstaintiated. (Thank God.)  I don’t, however, regret a single “babymoon” whether it was with my husband, my sister or with my friends. I think every experience renewed me and gave me strength to go into the difficult newborn stage. Traveling while pregnant made me feel strong and independent and let me move my body in the sunshine. Exercise + Vitamin D is always a win!

Here are some of my pregnancy adventures:

Cabo San Lucas-Literally the most perfect weather on the planet! Very walkable and the easiest place to deep sea fish with baby to be in tow. I remember not wanting to leave. DSC03186DSC03192
Cruise! The absolutely most relaxing place to be pregnant. Best to choose a short cruise, opt for a balcony room for the fresh air and be sure to pay attention to excursion regulations-for example you can’t be pregnant for swimming with the dolphins. In retrospect swimming with the stingrays was probably equally as insane, but so awesome nonetheless! I can’t forget to mention how CHEAP a cruise is when you don’t drink soda or alcohol!



Disney-Not the most typical of babymoons, but this was a fantastic bonding trip with the other boys before their new sibling came along. (Though my little guy looks less than thrilled in this picture!! ) I definitely recommend going on the off season when it is less busy–and less hot! Of course, don’t ride any roller coasters, but most rides are perfectly fine for mom and baby to be.

Curacao: Probably the most unexpected and amazing babymoon. The Marriott’s two properties made this both a city and a beach trip and Andy and I couldn’t have had a better time bonding if we tried. This is a place I would love to go back to again! (It did help that I was fairly early on in my pregnancy for the long flight!)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Nicaragua: This trip is not for the faint of heart! With the “feels like 110 temperatures” and exhilarating excursions it was probably my favorite place to be at 6 1/2 months pregnant, but understandably would be other people’s nightmares. Remember how I said traveling made me feel strong? Well I felt tough as nails as I hopped in the back of a pickup truck and everyone marveled that I was coming along. I even milked a cow!  Bad***!!
ready for a farm tourNica 2014 233Colorado: Okay this was a rough one for me. The snow. The wedding without drinks. The snow. I was still glad I went though. I hate missing anything and loved taking “baby Drake” along for the adventure! If you do a trip in the ice and snow, take your mother’s advice and bring practical shoes! Also, if you have had sensitivity to elevation in the past, traveling to higher altitudes while pregnant may not be the best idea.

Chicago: Going anywhere at 35+ weeks is a challenge, especially in sexy Chicago. In retrospect I probably should have swapped the tube top for a mumu, but I had a great time with my sister doing a food tour and laughing at Second City. It was worth the swollen ankles to get one last outing in! ChicagoBelieve it or not there was more travel, but I think you get the point. It’s amazing to travel while pregnant! A few tips for you traveling mamas to be:
10. Pick places with short drives or flights, especially later in your pregnancy.
9. Take your salt intake very seriously. (I will not scare you with the pictures of my elephant like feet.)
8. Drink a ridiculous amount of water. –and then some.
7.Get a letter from your doctor before you fly just in case. Other countries especially have very strict laws for letting pregnant women fly.
6.Cruises will not let you on after 24 weeks and you also need a letter regardless of how far along you are.
5.Go somewhere you are familiar with so you can plan for shoes, walking, etc. These things are important when you are carrying around 20+ pounds of weight!
4.Don’t take any risks eating in other countries so you don’t get sick. (Also, bring ginger candies with for unexpected nausea)
3. Book an aisle seat on the plane–your bladder will thank you!–And Get up and walk around on your flights.
2. Stop worrying  just GO.  You will absolutely not regret it!
1. Don’t wait too long before packing your new bambino up for an adventure of his or her own!

Baby Drake getting  his first passport stamp!

Baby Drake getting his first passport stamp!

Let me know where you have been with your bun in the oven!



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