How to look like you have been in the tropics when you haven’t seen the sun for 3 months…


Pasty Wisconsin White. Seriously there is a name for it. After three months of vitamin D deprivation that is what happens to all Midwesterners.

Case in point: These legs. . If only I had taken my own advice…
pasty whiteHere are my top tips for avoiding looking like you have been hibernating:
I start with a light moisturizer with an spf. I love the Body Shop’sBody shop Vitamin C Spf 30 Glow Protect.
Body shop Vitamin C Spf 30 Glow Protect
Then I use a good brush to add a subtle bronzer. Physician’s Formula SPF 20 Solar Powder is my choice every single time. (It also has a built in spf).
physicians formula
To add a little glow I rub NARS South beach on my nose and cheeks and voila! kissed by the sun look for my face.
First exfoliate and then add a nice moisturizer before dousing yourself in sunless tanner.
There are two different sunless tanners that I really recommend:
jergensJergens Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse and Neutrogena Micro-mist airbrush sunless tan.
neutrogenaAnd if you are going to be in a bathing suit I recommend going all out with getting a spray tan. I personally like mystic tan.
mysticDon’t worry you won’t end up like Ross from Friend’s, but you will feel better showing off your gorgeous gams!

Thanks Mystic Tan!

Thanks Mystic Tan!

Happy show off your tan season my friends!



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