Tourist in my city! Peck & Bushel

CC7F4DB2-345A-4E9F-9C31-FF01A7CFD545I am an antsy girl, one who is not okay with a mundane weekend of only errands and hustling boys to and from soccer.  I like to have something to look forward to, something special, even when I am not traveling. Peck & Bushel is definitely special. Seventy gorgeous acres tucked into the beautiful rolling hills of the town of Erin. Peck & Bushel is an organic apple company, but seriously so much more.
The indoor space is beautiful, more reminiscent of a winery than an apple orchard.
72454AC7-C94D-4541-9ACC-BB5C085CD17FPeck and Bushel has apple and cider tastings. 18EBA3F9-38BC-4319-9185-5D52BBBD4F95Don’t even get me started on the perfectly moist, sugary cider donuts they sell. Oh la la!
2C87DD27-5181-4BA0-90D0-164F9E65F109They also serve warm coffee or cider. 5743AB4B-AC9E-45BA-8897-178DF343351FWhat a fabulous place to enjoy a warm drink while licking your sugary fingers!
7676B64A-015D-43CB-9902-9E6F7B6F91CAThere are also adorable wares for sale from aprons, to candles, to honey, to rustic housewares.7CE769E8-CBD0-47FB-9404-22FDBB6BD024A8ED4437-E162-48EC-810B-7D9C8D5B5856The outside is equally beautiful, with paths carved out among the trees and room to run and breathe the fresh country air.
2C00582B-7A5C-4078-B3DB-DF1AE8E86821Before you leave, stock up on apples. You won’t believe the complexity of the flavors they have. It makes the apples in the grocery store seem completely flavorless in comparison. I was sorry we only got one bag, as they were gone in the blink of an eye!
2A3F7D35-5534-446B-88D2-4FD2BA6A73FFPeck and Bushel is really a glorious place in the woods. We all agreed we’d come back in a heart beat. (Now if they’d only start cider beer tastings then we could really rave about this place! ;))
087BC94F-4A4F-4F27-B33E-C91385AC98F6Whoever you are, wherever you are, go somewhere new today…



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