Viator & The Lazy Girls Guide to Machu Picchu


I was seriously devastated when I found out the Inca Trail would be closed during my trip to Peru. I was really looking forward to four days of hiking and camping in the middle of the rainy season.

No I wasn’t. Of course I wasn’t. I am a terrible sport when it comes to bad weather. -And that is putting it nicely. Also, unlike most people I was coming to Peru primarily to explore the Amazon, and I had only one day to see Machu Picchu. allowed me to easily, and lazily see this wonder of the world. (I am so glad I did.)

IMG_0180They arranged to pick us up right in front of our hotel in Cusco. Granted it was pre-dawn, but that is okay as I dozed on my sister’s shoulder in the van they picked us up in. We were dropped off at the train station and handed tickets and given instructions. Easy peasy.
BCC21DF8-A302-49E8-87B0-3C3041960989The train reminded me of the Polar Express with a hot cocoa cart and windows galore.
CC11872F-4CA2-4BB4-AAC4-A2A57A3D235AWe then transferred to a bus that would take us to the entrance of Machu Picchu. Once there our small group of about ten was broken into smaller groups based on language ability. My sister and I luckily ended up with a private tour. Score! 
IMG_0183Can I just tell you how disappointed I was to arrive in a torrential downpour? To the majestic views shrouded in clouds? To be shivering down to my bones?

I had seen my friend’s pictures -they were smiling under the sun, sporting tank tops with Machu Picchu in all her green glory, like a fake back drop. Cleary I did not heed the “rainy season” warning seriously enough.
Machu Picchu5Our guide, however, graciously ignored our whining and took us to a local stall to buy some sweet leg warmers. We whipped out our handy ponchos and umbrellas and were off to explore in no time!


I can’t say I loved having my shoes pool with water, but our guide immersed us in her depth of knowledge of the lost civilization and the site itself.


It was truly, remarkably fascinating.

D9893942-1612-4D6A-9073-698BF9A100D7And suddenly as we posed for pictures, the clouds parted and we could see the vastness and the true beauty of this magical place. Machu Picchu6If you have been there you know that you can never take too many pictures of Machu Picchu.
D167F85D-043C-499C-A098-AE3AEC8227E4We then bid farewell to our guide and made our way back on the bus to the town of Machu Picchu.
Machu Picchu townWe had enough time to eat a delicious lunch and to purchase some local wares in the “mercado” before making our way back to the train.
Machu Picchu mercadoWide awake and in the sunlight, the drive back in the van was mesmerizing.

Machu Picchu3

The Andes stretched into the sky, colorful and mystifying.


Even the pictures from the van window look impressive, though do no justice to the landscapes that truly took our breaths away.IMG_0201

We then were dropped back at our hotel in Cusco wet and tired, but happy as can be. Machu Picchu was worth it and Viator made it ridiculously easy for these two Wisconsin girls.
IMG_0193 (2)

Whoever you are, wherever you are, find a way to make it happen today. Whatever that “it” may be.



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