Would you stay in a treehouse in the middle of the Amazon Jungle?

IMG_8250Yes! Yes! A resounding YES! I did. And it was possibly the best travel decision I have ever made.

me scope of treehouseThe Treehouse Lodge is an architectural wonder and a once in a lifetime experience.
My sister Maddy and I flew into the Iquitos, Peru airport and from there were met by our wonderful guide, Carlos who took us via private car and then by boat on the three-hour journey to the Treehouse Lodge. taking off for the amazon boat rideUpon arrival, we were greeted with icy fruit drinks and a tour of the airy lodge. IMG_8216

After a quick lunch, we were shown our mini home-Treehouse #10. We climbed many stairs and braved sweeping suspension bridges to get to our room perched high in the jungle canopy. IMG_8509Though the treehouse has no walls they did an incredible job of making it as “upscale” as possible with a modern bathroom (with quite possibly the best view on the planet), and comfortable rustic furniture.
IMG_8232We were smitten with the balcony that overlooked the river and the fact that you could order beers via walkie talkie delivered right to our jungle sanctuary!IMG_8233
IMG_8910The best part of the Treehouse Lodge is undoubtedly the excursions. Never have I felt like I was part of such an authentic experience.
IMG_8266In the early morning hours, we would meet our guide and our boat captain to set out an adventure-Just the four of us. It was rare we would see anyone else as we made our way down the river and yet we were never alone.
IMG_8279There was something to see at every turn-a monkey scurrying across a tree (We saw six different species of monkeys in three days!), a sloth moving at a standstill, birds of every color and size soaring across the sky, a snake slivering in the murky water, pink dolphins dipping into the sea, showing us glimpses of their majesty. IMG_8356IMG_0050 (2)The cacophony of sounds the bugs and the animals deliver is like a vibrant soundtrack that washes away all of your modern-day worries.

Look how dense the river is with vegetation!

Look how dense the river is with vegetation!

The river itself amazed me. In some parts it was so lush and dense that we had to machete our way by boat and in other places clear and expansive like a grand sea. IMG_0026 (2) I failed miserably as a fisherwoman, but I think I giggled my whole way through our piranha fishing outing. I couldn’t believe how the little piranhas jumped out of the water to chase the dangling piece of chicken hanging from my fishing “stick”.IMG_8903 -And how many times in your life can you say you went piranha fishing?! IMG_8405

We even fought off our fears and joined Carlos in the deep dark jungle to find caimans. We held hands and held our breaths to fend off the many bugs, but my sister and I were thrilled to see the caiman we brought into our boat.IMG_8500Okay maybe more scared than thrilled, but it was part of the adventure!
IMG_8905It was the little Amazonian villages, not the wildlife, however, that took our breath away. Perched on muddy banks these villages were lined with simple wooden homes, no running water, no electricity. Not a single luxury as far as the eye could see, but the children had giant smiles as they ran up and down the dusty road playing barefoot soccer.
IMG_8314I will simply never forget the magic of the delighted little children surrounding me eager to get their hands on the tiny cars and planes I brought in my bag.IMG_8462
me with kids in the AmazonThank you also to the kind villager who invited us into his humble home and let us befriend his pet sloth. I have gotten a sloth hug! Seriously a sloth hug!
IMG_8439Staying at the Treehouse Lodge was truly a dream come true. I keep scrolling through my pictures to live my dream again.  Your dreams could come true as well… www.treehouselodge.com


Whoever you are, wherever you are, take a step closer to your dream today!







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