How to Pack the Perfect Carry-on…

backpackmeA friend meeting me at the airport looked at me, incredulous, “Wow. You have a backpack?”
“Of course, ” I replied.  To which she responded that she expected something a bit cooler, more fashionable from me. Well I can tell you that I have tried to swap my giant purse or my much sexier Coach carry- on for my trusty backpack, only to be filled with regret the second I step onto the airport escalators.

The backpack is a dream. Big enough for my neurotic laundry list of must haves and blissfully hands free.

Hands free!

Hands free!

And course who could forget how it fits under seat of the plane to keep all items within easy reach? I mean don’t you grimace anytime you see someone attempting to get down their rollerboard mid-flight?

Bring. A. Backpack.

Once you have said backpack (I am loyal to Eddie Bauer), here’s the list of must have’s. (In my humble opinion, of course):
Mini pharmacy (Advil, Sudafed, Benadryl, Emergen-C…)
Small blanket


I love the small blankets from Walgreens

Travel toothbrush/toothpaste combo
Spare undies
Reading material-I like a book and a mag
Wet wipes
Tide stick
face wipes









Face wipes
Snacks a plenty* (melt free)
Tampons (just in case)

For international travel:
Pen (to fill out customs docs, etc.)
Passport copy
Money stashed in secret pocket
More tissues (many countries don’t have t.p. in public bathrooms)

Other helpful tips:
Swimsuit + Flip flops (If you are going somewhere warm)
Socks (In case your feet get cold if you are going sockless on the plane)
Water (Be sure to buy one at the airport so you stay hydrated, but allowing you to sleep and not worry about drink delivery time!)
P1030993Makeup- I always travel makeup free without a lot of moisturizer. Before landing I wipe my face with face wipes and then apply my makeup. I de-board looking and feeling fresh every time!

Happy Travels!


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