So much to do in Hollywood… Florida that is!

D5BD7185-FC59-4367-86F2-ACDAEDE583E9This fall. Ugh. It was a doozy. If you work in a seasonal business you know exactly what I am talking about. I won’t bore you with a shlew of minor complaints. You know, you’ve been there too. I am just saying this was a girl who was  counting down the days to BREATHE in the sunshine of sunny Florida and to relish in some unadulterated fun and laughs with my beloved little sis.

Hollywood Beach was where we to chose to plant our flip flops. It was the perfect choice–a combination of relaxation, action, elegance, and casualness. It also had this fabulous international flair with languages and people from all over the world strolling about the pedestrian boardwalk, which is the focal point of Hollywood beach. The best part? There was so much to do beyond sunning.

Here’s a sneak peak out our weekend itinerary…

We stayed at the amazingly located Marriott where they treated us like princesses with welcome drinks and cookies in our room.
2AA042C9-3468-4A23-AA5D-BACB33B33918We strolled down Hollywood’s renown boardwalk people watching and palm tree gazing. 91857BE2-11D7-4837-B8A7-B9C2A3854690

We dug our feet into the sand and breathed in the salty air.
C8A6E80A-0191-4A06-A078-105F404E0209We toured the amazing Margaritaville Resort, stopping for ice coffee in their café, listening to live music at their outside pavilion and admiring their views. (With a breeze!)
848839ED-900D-4883-86B8-371E1B279544We visited Josh’s Organic Juice Garden for fresh fruit drinks.


And enjoyed them with the most unforgettable view. (Can I tell you that I would go there every day if I could even though I would certainly go broke with the cost of their green drinks?  )
840A0EA7-4CE4-49AF-8403-829BD82D9A44We had lunch at the adorable family-owned Giorgio’s Bakery & Bistro.
0EF69890-EBBE-4C8A-9E3B-2E5319BB414FWe soaked in their inlet view.
DD98EEA8-B848-48B2-8037-E45F8EAF739BThat night we cashed in a Groupon to beer taste at Hollywood Brewing Company. 6BE96968-1BB0-49EA-B6CC-51672CD905D7The beer was good and cold, and guess what? Even they had a view!

D47DC84C-DC33-414F-BF10-D2BBE9907848When it started raining and the winds started howling, we listened to salsa and swayed over salty micheladas at Mamacita’s Latin Bar.
C3929590-8050-4C1B-8A6E-8128B27F0995The next day I got up early and the beach was calling…C19A7ADA-760C-4B18-8DA9-3E3D7864C2AD I was more than happy to run on the beach. I may have also told a lifeguard I thought someone was drowning. (In all fairness he was swallowed in giant swells. )
4962BA93-5BA2-48D2-B472-8927F11BD5DCTurned out it was a life guard in training. So much for my good Samaritan deed of the day. That called for another ice coffee…
After some more boardwalk and beach time, we also enjoyed a seriously good salmon B.L.T. from the Marriott (with another view, of course.) 7326CD52-DB18-4EB2-9D6C-30DACCBAA7C7After lunch we took the trolley that takes you into the little town of Hollywood.

5D0A374E-277E-44E1-B87B-D41C9D3C019AWe walked up and down the sidewalks drooling over the restaurants we would like to return to someday. (I am pretty sure every cuisine was representin’!)
FF04E1F0-5D8D-4A80-9FA3-A23AB5D9035COf course we couldn’t resist a treat from the adorable Tasta Gelato and Cafeteria.

Since we had to burn off some calories and because we are super fun (*wink*), we rented a bike when we got back to the boardwalk. Not just any bike–a two person trike! 818AF086-3D55-49FE-88CD-3368CC34B2A0We were doing our best to avoid running into people, but if we ran you off the board walk, we’re sorry.

We headed away from the crowds and down a quiet path that ran along the ocean. It was dreamy, especially since my sister was doing most of the pedaling.
6B9C6163-ACDF-406B-B0FB-2B61F04F8FCAAll that “exercise” called for a snack! We hit up Ocean’s 13 Sports Bar and ordered some great appetizers.
4815D90D-F4C1-4A23-AB58-B93EB27CA2AAAnd what else? The view of course!

That night we tried out another part of town. We ordered giant Mexican bowls at Taco Beach Shack. It was packed so we had to sit at the window. I may have been a little short…0DBAAF69-6595-4CB7-A1E0-7BA9BA5C857B

Luckily we were still able to enjoy the great energy and bumping music. I just needed a phone book! E2AE9D84-18A8-4DD5-9283-663C0282F77D

As far as fun goes, the highlight of our trip, (I maybe should be embarrassed to admit )was laughing and people watching at Nick’s Bar. This is a day time shot, so it does not give you good insight into the debauchery, but you only need to stand outside to get a good idea of what you are in for. BE174EB5-A035-497B-AFA1-0EAACF04CA09

I never turn down singing cover songs to a live band while dancing with my sister in our chairs!30C20FE7-8444-4E0F-BBB8-70E638551F0FHollywood Beach was a huge success. It’s like Jimmy Buffet said, “With palm trees and views like these, why would I ever want to leave?”

Good point J.B., good point.

Whoever are, wherever you are find somewhere to laugh in the sunshine today!



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