Tacos & Tequila-Tourist in my own city

food tour6For a girl laden with wanderlust, the domestic life can get itchy sometimes. I find myself daydreaming of exotic locales when I should be folding laundry. I wouldn’t trade my three kids and “real life” for anything, but sometimes it is simply necessary for this girl to spice things up. With my next foreign trip several months out I opted to get my cultural fix with Milwaukee Food Tours.

Milwaukee Food Tours offers several tour options that include cultural nuances in the city -from old time Italian bakeries to restaurants proudly serving food reflecting their Germanic roots. When I saw their, newest tour-Tacos & Tequila I definitely heard it calling my name. With a twisted arm, I begrudgingly signed up ;).

–And of course what food tour is any fun without a friend! In this case my best friend Kim who also shares my longtime love of Mexico and the melodic Spanish language.
food tour4The Food Tour’s green bus picked us up at the United Community Center and we were off to some of the most authentic and hidden Mexican spots in the city.

First stop was Guadalajara for an authentic (and tasty!) sope and my favorite tequila drink-margarita en las rocas. Delish.
food tour9Back on the bus and off to the second stop- El Canaveral. This former Schlitz tied bar had an unmistakably German, cozy feel with colorful Mexican accents.

Here we sampled their fajitas with a combination of meats including chorizo in a tasty sauce that was very different from the typical ones served at Tex-Mex restaurants. The fajitas were served alongside several unique salsas like a chile de arbol and one with an avocado flair. The tortillas-both corn and flour-were homemade and all was washed down with a small tequila sunrise.
food tour7

Spot three– El Senorial! I loved that we arrived and they acted like they didn’t know we were coming, because this gave us an opportunity to people watch and listen to the cheerful mariachi band. We then headed to the long tables in the backroom where we were given the option of beef tongue or pork (al pastor) tacos served with a super fresh pico de gallo.

food tourSorry adventurous soul, but I opted for the al pastor. Here we drank blended strawberry margaritas and our sweet and friendly guide Sarah gave us the run down on the history of blended margaritas.
food tour5

We didn’t think we could eat another thing but when we stopped at the Flor de Trigo bakery for homemade churros of course we couldn’t turn them down. Frankly, they were the perfect way to end the tour. Too bad we were taking an Uber because I would have loved to purchase some of their tamales to savor at home. (la proxima vez…)
food tour2
–And back onto the bus we went!

I loved that every restaurant we stopped at had a bit of history and an undeniable authentic feel. Truth be told we were the only gringos in each place—just the way I like it.

Hopefully next time the tour includes a shot of tequila and some loud ranchero music blasting from the bus speakers—then I could really pretend I was in Mexico….

Where do you go in your city to feel like you’re traveling?



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