What to wear on a Carribean cruise


Airport outfit!

I am not a ‘less is more’ kind of girl. I am a ‘more is options’ kind of one. I also obsess over what to pack weeks before any trip. Bizarre, I know, but it definitely gets me in the mood and excited for an impending trip. I Google image outfits and read blogs about what to wear.  I thought I would share my cruise outfits with any of you girls out there who are crazy like me looking up, “What to wear on a Caribbean cruise?”

C7323FE8-5703-48A2-87BE-155085290C61I wore this cotton dress for embarkation. It is so comfortable and works well with flip flops. I also liked the blue and white strips, which always feel nautical to me. Did I mention it’s ridiculously cheap too?! I was super grateful I packed this light weight denim shirt from H&M, as I wore it several times over tanks and dresses on the cruise.
EE636F54-D7C9-476F-8B3B-D4DA6093E250The first few days of our cruise were super windy. The wind coupled with the blaring air conditioning made the ship cool, so I was glad I packed a pair of dark jeans that could be dressed up for dinner.

FA1DAC25-F412-4E30-92B0-FCA6DF0428ABDon’t forget that most cruises have a formal night. These nights range from cute cocktail dresses to sparkly gowns. I opted for a cocktail dress with big earrings.
EA987929-270E-4DB5-A6B7-ACDEFCF21D4CCruise or not, I never travel anywhere warm without a Roxy dress. They are cute, fold to the size of a handkerchief and you can dress them up or down. I am wearing my swimsuit under this one at our first port of call. You can find them in all different colors and patterns on Amazon. I am embarrassed to say how many I own. 😉

20DC0C8F-46EA-45CE-A14C-F80A4C3FD298Here’s another Roxy I wore to the formal dining room. I paired it with a bangle bracelet, big wooden earrings and Tom’s wedges to dress it up. I highly recommend packing wedges instead of heels. You will be walking a lot-especially up and down stairs. I can walk a mile in my Tom’s wedges!

EC15BA88-8DA4-433B-8369-1ACEAAB03554Don’t forget to pack something sporty and casual in case you do an excursion that requires walking in the hot sun, like ours did. I paired my batik shorts with a simple tank from H&M. (I always stock up on these for warm trips!) I also like traveling with a more casual pair of flip flops that can get wet and sandy. These Rainbows have lasted for years! Be sure to pack a day pack. I didn’t, so I ended up carrying my beach bag ;).
E6028540-8248-4AFC-9C4A-6559E9E215D2Be sure to pack some nicer casual clothes that you can wear to breakfast, for example. I personally loved sitting on my balcony with a book or  to stare out at the expansive sea. I brought this 3/4 sleeve navy shirt and also a navy tank, so that I could switch them out depending on the weather.

800277B7-718C-4E0D-B4D6-2CDAE0DABD14And of course swimwear! I don’t get anywhere without my Athleta swim skirts that I put over my suit bottoms. I am 42 ya’ll, which means there are things to hide! I also like to bring extra cotton dresses or full cover ups too for when we sneak back into the ship for lunch. As you can see from my pictures, I always bring several hats when I travel anywhere warm. I love to be in the sun, but I am not a fan of wrinkles!

If you are currently surrounded by piles of clothes debating what to bring on your cruise, hopefully this helps just a bit.

Whoever you are, wherever you are going, look good doing it!



Ps-Not pictured, but I was happy to have a wristlet size purse to walk around the ship with. I carried it to dinner with my lip gloss, phone and sea pass card. Also, I brought work out clothes as I love to run on the track outside in the mornings.

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